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Daily Brew 80 Hot

Black 120 Hot / Iced

FW/ Cap / Latte 150 Hot / Iced

Single Origin Black 180 Hot / Iced

Single Origin Handbrew 220 Hot / Iced

Direktors Series Brew 800 (pre-order)

Featuring a coffee selection by Philippine National Barista Champion Silvester Dan S Samonte.

Horchata and Signature beverages

Vegan Palawan Horchata 140 Iced - house made blend of coconut milk and rice milk with a touch of cinnamon sweetness. A perfect vegan milky island drink.

Classic Palawan Horchata 140 Iced - house made blend of coconut milk, dairy milk and rice milk with cinnamon sugar sweetness. A sweeter treat than the vegan.

Dirty Horchata 220 Hot / Iced - Our house espresso with your choice of vegan or dairy horchata. The complex and nutritious iced latte.

Horchoco V/D + Magic Chocolate sauce 160 Iced - Our Magic Chcolate sauce shaken with Horchata. It’s the complex sister of chocolate milk.

Piñaholada V/D + Batraza Pineaple Sunshine syrup 220 - In the south of Palawan the lands of Bataraza are hailed for their sweet and bright, juicy pineapples. Pineapple - coconut tropical breezes in a drink.

Matchata - Matcha and Malungay V/D 180 Iced - Matcha lovers horchata.

Sunshine Black 140 - slow steeped cold brew and Bataraza Pineapple Sunshine syrup shaken. Kinda like iced tea for coffee lovers?

Masala Chai Latte - House made masala chai syrup + dairy milk 140 + Oat milk 160 hot or iced. Our take on the beloved cafe drink. It’s a perfect hug when you need one.

Cold brew Oat latte - yup. Touched with our aromatic brown syrup (ABS) 140.

Magic Chocolate Coconut Oat Latte 160

Fresh Fruit fizz 120 - Fresh fruit turned into a mildly sweet fruit soda to refresh you. Usually available - Bataraza Pineapple, Supa Calamansi and Mango.

Oat / Almond 40

Chocolate 40

Shot 40

Take away hot 20

Take away cold can 40

Daily cocktail menu and craft beers available.

Snacks and food

Vegetarian Breakfast plate meal 420 with choice of black or white coffee. 350 solo. House made eggplant katsu patty, Smokey banana heart, slice of rosti, grilled tomatoes, side salad with choice of brioche waffle (has egg and butter), sourdough toast or rice.

Big Breakfast plate meal 600 with choice of black or white coffee. 500 solo. House made pork breakfast sausage, locally smoked Palawan bacon, slice of rosti, grilled tomatoes, side salad with choice of brioch waffles, sourdough or rice.

Jayson’s Special Pork Katsudon bowl 360

Jayson’s Eggplant Donburi bowl 280

Eggplant Katsu waffle sando 220 

Fried chicken waffle sandwich 340

Smokey banana heart waffle sandwich 220

BTS bacon tomato spinach sandwich 280 (or Pinoy style with eggs on rice) 280

Sourdough grilled cheese sandwhich 280

Eggs and sourdough toast 120

Palawan Honey ham on sourdough

(Sub rice in sandwich any time) 280

Daily meal 150 (limited)

Waffle 120 w/jam 170, w/bacon 220

Just sourdough toast 100

Chocolate Mango Briohe Waffle 250

Horchata Waffle 250

Plate of fries 190

Garden Tempura 120

Add to any order

+ Palawan Smoked Bacon 100

+ Palawan Smoked Ham 100

+ Egg 40

+ Toast 50

+ Waffle 70

+ Rice 40

+ Salad 30

LaMorohill bakery pop-up

Sourdough loaf 220

Baguette 80

Special Malungay Gata Pandesal 60

+ 120 with Kesong Puti

+ 20 with coco jam

+ 30 butter

Electric Moto rentals (coming soon)

1/2 Day electric moto island tour 2,500 (min 2)

1/2 Day electric moto experience 1,800 (min 2)

1/2 Day Electric Dirtbike experience 3,500 (min 2, bring your own gear or rental)

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+ All star OJT gang

+ Customer community

+ Kalye dogs (dog friendly - bring a leash)


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Find us at Lio Beach - Kalye Artisano G/F Rattan building

Taste the Palawan Horchata and all our signature beverages lovingly crafted by our team. A blend of earth friendly rice and coconut milk kissed with cinnamon sugar sweetness. We work with what is local to Palawan and accessible while always striving to love the environment more. We are sharing our joy in preparing specialty coffee and Philippine coffee everyday. Join our island paradise in El Nido, Palawan.

RIGHT NOW - LaMoro Hill Bakery Pop-up. Kalsada / Escolta coffee offering.

SOON - Go Electric with us! Buy a shirt and win one of our motorcycles.